Getting Help With Your Divorce

Getting Your Matters In Order Will Speed Up Your Divorce

A divorce can take a very long time in many cases, but there are ways you can speed yours up if you want to. The best way to do this is to plan for it by getting your things in order. After you file for divorce, there will be a waiting period before it can actually be finalized, and you should immediately start working on things once you file. You can even start before this if you want, and here are the main things you should get in order.

A List Of All Assets And Debts

Creating a list of all the things you and your spouse own and owe is the best place to start when preparing for a divorce, and this can take some time if you own a lot or owe a lot. Your list of assets should include all major assets, such as your house, cars, and money in the bank. It should also include the current value of each item. You may also want to include valuable assets like heirlooms, jewelry, or collections you own. The list of debts should include every single debt you have, except for regular monthly expenses.

Determine What You Want

After creating the list, you should mark down which of the assets you want to keep and which you are willing to give to your spouse. Keep in mind, you will most likely be allowed to keep around 50% of the assets, but you cannot split a tangible asset, such as house, in two. As you decide what you want, make sure the total is around half of all the assets you own. You may want to do the same thing with your list of debts. You should also make sure you are willing to negotiate if your spouse wants some of the same assets as you.

Start Figuring Out Plans For The Future

Once you complete the first two steps, you can prepare for your divorce by making a plan for your future. This can include determining where you will move to if you will not get the house. It can also include finding a different job so you can earn more money to support yourself.

Getting these things figured out is a good idea if you want to speed up the divorce. If you do not work on these things now, you will have to later, but this can delay your divorce. If you have questions about this, talk to a divorce lawyer in your city, such as those at Hougen Family Law.