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Tips For Co-Parenting With Your Ex When The Kids Are At Summer Camp

Life goes on even when your world may feel like it is falling apart during a divorce. Your kids will have needs and demands that must be met no matter how low you may be feeling. When your kids go to summer camp for the first since you started divorce proceedings, you may have a whole new list of concerns. You should see your family divorce attorney if you have any questions about visitation or custody surround the summer camp experience. Keep the following tips in mind for effective co-parenting during a divorce when your children are at summer camp.

Handle Visitation Days with Open Communication

If your kids are at a summer camp with minimal visitation days, you may need to plan to visit your kids on the same day your ex visits them. That's okay. Don't try to get solo access to your kids if the camp limits the time that parents should spend at the summer camp. If there is more than one visitation in a short amount of time, you may work out with your spouse that one of you visit on one day, while the other one goes on the different day.

The important thing is to keep communication clear and open. If you're not sure whether you have the schedule right on your planner, reach out and ask. Your ex will likely appreciate you being inquisitive over stepping on what they perceive as their visitation rights. Simply follow the golden rule and show your spouse the consideration that you hope they show you.

Talk About How the Kids' Expenses Will Be Handled

Children don't stop being expensive simply because they are away at sleep away camp. You need to make sure that your kids' financial needs are being met while they are away, and you should be clear on what you will be expected to pay. If your ex is expecting too much from you, you may need to talk about alternate summer plans, but do your best to keep the kids' summers the same as they were prior to the divorce.

Get a written document that states how much your ex plans to pay on the summer camp experience for your kids and how much you will be expected to pay. Don't agree to more than you can afford and level with your ex if you are struggling to afford things that were once easy for your family to afford.

Finally, keep in mind that it's important to not get dragged into any drama that your ex may try to start. Be sure to document anything that you feel is wrong and consult with your divorce attorney like Diane Dramko, Attorney At Law if you think that your rights may be threatened in any way. When it comes to summer camp, the important thing is for your kids to go away and have a good time like they did before the divorce. Keep any conflict away from them during their summer camp experience and show your support in the same ways you always did before when they went away to sleepaway camp.