Getting Help With Your Divorce

Resolving A Bad Marriage With Help From A Family Lawyer

Counseling can sometimes work miracles for some married couples. In other situations, it is not even worth considering counseling to save a marriage, such as if you have a spouse who shows no signs of wanting to change. If you are in such a situation, speaking to a family lawyer about your problems might be the best way forward. Below, you will learn about some of the ways that a family law firm can be useful for resolving a bad marriage that has no hope for getting back on track.

1. Explain What You Are Going Through

Although it is up to you and the specific laws in your state as to how your marriage is resolved, it is possible that a family lawyer might not recommend doing the leg work yourself. He or she will listen to the problems that you are going through in your marriage to come up with the best solution for resolving them. For instance, you can let the lawyer know if your spouse is abusive, whether it is mental, verbal, or physical. If you have committed any wrongs in the marriage, you must be honest about them as well. Being truthful will allow the lawyer to come up with the best solution without having to go through a long court battle.

2. Discuss What You Can Get in a Divorce Settlement

If you decide that divorcing your spouse is the only way to get out of the bad situation, you might be entitled to certain assets. For instance, your spouse might be required to pay you alimony if he or she has been the sole provider in the marriage. However, if you have ever had an affair, it is possible that alimony payments will be forfeited. If there is any money in your spouse's bank account, he or she might have to give you a certain percentage of it, which will likely be half. The assets that you are awarded in the divorce settlement depend on the specific situation that you are in.

3. Allow a Lawyer to Put the Divorce in Progress

You can divorce your spouse without ever speaking to a lawyer, but it isn't very wise. Hiring a lawyer will increase the chance of the divorce ending in a cordial manner. Rather than arguing with your spouse, a lawyer can make arrangements for the divorce to be discussed in a mediation session. Several mediation sessions might be necessary if there are numerous marital assets, children, or any disagreements. If court becomes necessary, a lawyer will help you from beginning to end.