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3 Ways To Show Respect For Your Ex Online During A Divorce

When you are getting a divorce, you may not want to imagine what the future of your relationship with your soon-to-be ex will be like. When you do allow your mind to go there, you may imagine it being better, worse, or the same.

One thing's for sure in real life, though. The relationship will change, yet it can evolve in a positive way. No matter what your situation is, you will start your new life off on the right foot if you take these steps to show respect for your ex online during the divorce process. That can, in turn, help you with the legal matters of the divorce, too. 

Share Kind Words on Social Media on Birthdays and Holidays

Whether you want to be in your ex's life or not, you will forever be a part of your former partner's life if you share children together. Otherwise, you get to decide how much you want the person around. Extend an olive branch by sharing kind and sincere words to celebrate your ex on each birthday. Also, make the person feel special with kind words on parental holidays. For example, on Mother's Day or Father's Day, share your sincere gratitude for the parent that your ex is.

Refrain from Using Social Media as Your Diary

A lot of people seem to mistake social media as a diary where they are invited to share every last detail of their personal lives. That is not the best use of social media. Instead of using social media as a diary that includes the misadventures from your past or current relationship with your ex, post less personal content on social media. Share things pertaining to your work or some fun-spirited selfies. Keep the diary-worthy details about your relationship far from the prying eyes of social media users.

Delete Comments from Friends Who Trash Your Ex

No matter how hard you try to take the high road on social media, you may find that your friends want to show solidarity with you and express their anger at your situation by posting negative things about your ex. Be sure to delete any comments connected to your social media account that mentions negative details of your situation or paints your ex in a negative light. Privately let your friends know not to make other posts of that nature in the future.

Finally, keep in mind that your ex is likely to respond in kind. If you show an immense amount of respect and consideration for your ex online, your former partner is likely to do the same for you. You will set the tone for your post-divorce relationship when you take the high road online during and after a divorce. When in doubt, consult your divorce attorney for legal advice while you go through the divorce process. Companies like Eschbacher Law are here to help.