Getting Help With Your Divorce

How Quickly Can We Part Ways?

You and your spouse may be facing the fact that your marriage is just not going to work out, and the sooner you part ways with each other the better off you'll both be. The days of getting anything like a "quickie" divorce are long gone, but if you are willing to make some extra arrangements you might still be able to call it quits a lot quicker than usual. Read on to learn more about getting out of a marriage as soon as possible.

In the States

The best state for getting unhitched in a hurry is without a doubt Nevada. It's only fitting that the place known for quick (and sometimes regrettable) marriages is also home to the quickest divorce. Here, you can go from married to single in as little as a week. There are a few catches, though.

First, the divorce must be uncontested, and that is true of all the other quick divorce choices below as well. There must not be any minor children or property at play and finally, at least one of you is going to have to stay in the state of Nevada for six weeks before you can file. This can be difficult, but resort-owners have stepped in to offer "divorce packages" with options ranging from dude ranches and spas to condo rentals and more.

Out of the Country

For a slightly better timeline, the US territory of Guam might work out. Unlike some other foreign dissolution of marriage acts, this one will be recognized by all states. You can stay as little as 7 days in-country to establish residence, then the divorce can be final in about 30 days.

The Dominican Republic

For a riskier but faster way to get divorced, you might consider the Dominican Republic. While you might be able to divorce in a quick 24 hours here, you are taking the chance that your divorce won't be recognized in your state. Your best bet is to consult with a divorce attorney before you make airline reservations to ensure the legality in your home state.

A Word about Haiti and Mexico

You may have heard good things about quickie divorces from these two countries but neither of them is worth considering anymore. Mexico has increased their residency requirements to a degree that makes it impractical for most and Haiti is considered far too dangerous regardless of the quick divorce options there.

To learn about some relatively quick divorce law options in your state, speak to an attorney about summary or simplified divorces.