Getting Help With Your Divorce

Some of the Things You Will Want Addressed in a Child Custody Agreement

If you are getting to the point where you are ready to hire a child custody attorney, you will want to make sure that you are bringing up the most important matters so that he or she can make sure that they are addressed in the written agreement. Some of the things that you might want addressed include:

Holiday Visitation Schedule

Sure, you might already know what the regular weekend visitation schedule will look like, but you do not want to assume that those visits will line up properly with holiday weekends. It is important for the children to spend time with both parents on the big holidays if at all possible. If you and your ex can agree to share each holiday, your attorney can outline how the days will be split. If this is not an option due to conflicting routines or driving distance, your attorney can outline a holiday visitation schedule where the children are with one parent for Christmas one year and the other parent the following year. This is something a child custody attorney will have a lot of experience with.

Changes in Religion or Schooling

It would be a good idea to make sure that both parents are apart of the decision-making process when it comes to major decisions that impact religious and academic studies. Therefore, before any major changes are made, the parents should consult with each other. Your attorney can suggest that if the two parents are not able to reach an agreement, that they can refer to their attorneys to help negotiate the situation.

Extra Expenses

Even if there is going to be a formal monthly child support payment, you will want to consider the extra expenses that come up over time that are above and beyond the standard monthly expenses a child incurs. For example, unexpected medical bills from a medical emergency, braces to align teeth, or a prom dress. Even if some of those things might seem like a long ways off, it is best to get the details hashed out now and with the help of your attorney. This way, there will not be any confusion or disagreements later down the road.

If you do not already have an attorney, you will want to start your search for one right away. The sooner all of the details of the child custody are settled, the easier life will be.