Getting Help With Your Divorce

Marriage Annulment Myths That May Be Misleading You

Ending a marriage is a complicated task, and this can be particularly true when a person is confused about the legal options that are available. While most people are familiar with the concept of divorce, they may not be as knowledgeable when it concerns annulments.

Myth: An Annulment Is The Same Thing As A Divorce

A common assumption about annulments is that they are functionally the same as a divorce. However, this is not reality. A divorce ends a marriage that was legal from its start. In contrast, annulment voids invalid marriages. This can be due to one or parties to the marriage being underage, married under coercion or otherwise lacking the mental capacity to enter the marriage agreement. Instances of the married couple discovering that they are related can also be a cause for an annulment to be granted.

Myth: Any Short Marriage Can Be Annulled

While it is common for problems with the marriage to be discovered fairly early, it should be noted that this does not mean that any short marriage is eligible for an annulment. As long as the marriage was legal, it will follow standard divorce proceedings. To qualify for an annulment, the marriage will have to be invalid. Not surprisingly, proving this can be rather challenging in many instances, and it is always advisable to meet with an attorney that works annulment cases to get guidance for this process.

Myth: Only Religious Organizations Can Annul A Marriage

Many religions will fail to recognize a legal divorce without going through the faith's internal process for annulling the marriage. However, religious annulments are very different from their legal counterparts. In fact, it is perfectly possible for a person to obtain a legal annulment without obtaining a religious one. Additionally, being granted a religious annulment will not confer the legal benefits.

Myth: You Must Wait A Certain Period To Remarry After You Have A Marriage Annulled

For those that wish to remarry following their annulment, it is easy to assume that there will be long waiting periods before a person that has gone through an annulment can enter into a new marriage. However, this is usually not the case. While some states may have waiting periods before entering into a new marriage following a divorce, this is not the case for annulments as these decrees declare the previous marriage invalid from its start. This can be invaluable for helping individuals to get their lives back on track after getting out of the illegal marriage.

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