Getting Help With Your Divorce

Can You Get Child Custody Without A Lawyer?

Yes, you can gain custody rights without a child custody attorney. However, there is a reason people hire attorneys to help with the case. You'll have to deal with tons of paperwork, back and forth between the two parties, which can easily frustrate you. So, what can you do? 

Settle Child Custody Out of Court

You can always talk to your ex-partner and agree on how you'll both take care of your kids. You don't have to turn it into a court battle that will cost time and money. Instead, approach your ex-partner and see if you can agree to co-parent or share custody. 

If you agree to co-parent, ensure that it's legally enforceable by taking it to a judge for approval. This will require some paperwork and legwork. You can accomplish most of this by yourself or hire a child custody lawyer. 

However, if you're seeking sole custody, it complicates everything. You're guaranteed that the other parent isn't going to give up their parenting rights that easily. In such situations, you might want to hire a child custody lawyer. 

Represent Yourself 

If mediation doesn't work, the other alternative is family court. Here you could use a lawyer to guide you through the entire process, but you can also represent yourself. The benefit to this is that you'll have no legal fees, which can be expensive. 

The court is always a last resort; thus, you should expect that it will be challenging and emotional and that you'll have to deal with long hours of preparation. You'll also need to fill out paperwork and understand all the legal terminologies. 

It sounds like a lot of work because it is. This isn't to discourage you but to prepare you for the journey ahead. 

Hire a Child Custody Lawyer 

It's an expense, but it's worth it. You're fighting to gain custody of your kids; any mistake could cost these rights. For example, if you're emotional in court, the other party could use that against you. If they can trigger you and cause you to lash out in court, they can claim that you're mentally unstable. 

The other party will use any tricks to win the case. You'll need an experienced child custody lawyer to represent you and level the playing field. It's bold that you want to represent yourself but think of your kids and their best interest. 

Can you win it on your own? If you're in doubt, hire a child custody lawyer. If money is an issue, ask if the lawyer can agree to a payment plan.