Joint Custody And Visitation Woes

When parents divorce, they must come up with a plan to deal with child custody that pertains to all children under the age of 18 (or older if in college). If the parents cannot decide about custody, the judge will. Once the divorce is done and ordered, one of the orders deals with who has primary custody of the child and who has visitation privileges. With joint custody being a popular choice, read on to find out more about how visitation issues should be treated.

Marriage Annulment Myths That May Be Misleading You

Ending a marriage is a complicated task, and this can be particularly true when a person is confused about the legal options that are available. While most people are familiar with the concept of divorce, they may not be as knowledgeable when it concerns annulments. Myth: An Annulment Is The Same Thing As A Divorce A common assumption about annulments is that they are functionally the same as a divorce. However, this is not reality.