How To Structure A Divorce Settlement

Divorce is a challenging process even if the two parties can handle the situation without fighting. Ideally, you'll want to come to a divorce settlement. It's important to understand what a settlement is in this context and how it will affect your future. Likewise, you should understand how a divorce attorney will want to structure the settlement. What Is a Settlement? The settlement is a written document that contains what the two sides can agree to.

Can You Get Child Custody Without A Lawyer?

Yes, you can gain custody rights without a child custody attorney. However, there is a reason people hire attorneys to help with the case. You'll have to deal with tons of paperwork, back and forth between the two parties, which can easily frustrate you. So, what can you do?  Settle Child Custody Out of Court You can always talk to your ex-partner and agree on how you'll both take care of your kids.

Fighting A Theft Charge: What You Need To Know

Felony theft can be a serious crime, as can any kind of felony charge that you are facing. It is important to take felony charges very seriously, as these offenses can vary very stiff penalties, including hefty fines, lengthy imprisonment, etc. If you are facing a felony theft charge, here are a few things you need to be aware of. Determine the Supposed Amount of Loss One of the most important elements in a theft case is the loss that is alleged by the victim.