3 Things You Need To Know About Your Finances And Divorce

You have probably heard that after a divorce, there are people who are in worse of financial situations that they were before they were married. This unfortunately is pretty common, but in some cases it can be avoided. If you know how to organize your finances before the divorce, you can help to keep yourself financially afloat even if you are separated. Here are some tips. 1. Get Out Of Debt [Read More]

DUI Charges: Three Possible Impacts On Your Child Custody Case

There are many factors that can go into a child custody case. When you're trying to fight for custody, each side of the legal matter will look for anything that can go against you. If you've been recently charged with an offense like a DUI, the case can get a lot more complicated. DUI charges may have a huge impact on the final decision for your custody agreement. There are many ways that a DUI charge can impact the case, so it's important to work with a criminal defense attorney to help sort everything out. [Read More]

Seeking Alimony? Here's What To Ask Potential Lawyers

If you're seeking alimony while getting divorced, it's important to hire an experienced lawyer who specializes in the process to represent you and maximize your chance of being awarded a fair monthly payment. Scheduling consultations with a few potential alimony attorneys is an excellent way to find the right representative for your needs before committing to hiring someone. Here are a few questions you can add to a list of your own that should help you gain some insight into what you can expect from each potential lawyer: [Read More]