What Separating Couples Should Know About Legal Agreements

If you are separating and anticipating a divorce in the future, a legal separation agreement is a great way of keeping things legal. This type of agreement provides the parties with a legally binding document that covers their rights and responsibilities. Read below and learn more about the advantages of having a legal separation agreement. Benefits of a Legal Separation Agreement  Defines Marital Assets: A marital asset encompasses anything acquired after the date of the marriage. [Read More]

Financial Well-Being During The Separation

If you and your spouse have parted ways and are thinking about divorce, now is the best time to lay some groundwork to ensure your financial future. You can make plans during the separation period that will carry over to your final decree. Additionally, you can help ensure that your financial needs are covered during separation. For some tips on how to do that, read on. Child Support If you and your spouse are the parents of a minor child, you should address child support as soon as you are not living together. [Read More]

Is It Too Late? What To Know About Halting Divorce Proceedings

It's only natural to hope that your marriage can be saved if only you can work things out. If you or your spouse have already put things in motion to divorce each other, you might be able to prevent the divorce from being ruled final if you act in time. Read on and find out why timing is everything when it comes to halting a divorce. You Spoke to a Lawyer [Read More]

3 Reasons To Contact An Auto Accident Attorney If Another Motorist Runs A Red Light And Hits You

Traffic signals were created to keep drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists safe. When a vehicle operator disregards a red light, they put everyone around them in danger. They may crash into other cars, hit pedestrians on a crosswalk, or even sideswipe bikers. These types of wrecks often result in severe injuries or even fatalities. If another driver fails to stop when required to do so and hurts you, you should contact a professional auto accident attorney immediately. [Read More]