Fighting A Theft Charge: What You Need To Know

Felony theft can be a serious crime, as can any kind of felony charge that you are facing. It is important to take felony charges very seriously, as these offenses can vary very stiff penalties, including hefty fines, lengthy imprisonment, etc. If you are facing a felony theft charge, here are a few things you need to be aware of. Determine the Supposed Amount of Loss One of the most important elements in a theft case is the loss that is alleged by the victim. [Read More]

What Happens When You Go Through Divorce Mediation?

If you are planning on getting a divorce, know that it is not going to go straight to trial. You will likely need to go into divorce mediation with your spouse to try to work things out. Here is what happens when you go through divorce mediation so that you know what to expect.  The Consultation Everything starts with getting a consultation with a divorce mediator. You'll either meet along with the mediator or together with your spouse. [Read More]

Get Educated About Your Financial Situation With Bankruptcy

If you are considering bankruptcy, you are probably already planning how you will do things differently in the future. That is the wonderful thing about chapter 7 bankruptcy – it allows filers the opportunity to turn back the clock and do things the right way this time. With that in mind, the bankruptcy code now requires that filers take two bankruptcy educational classes. Read on and find out more about the credit counseling class and the personal finance class. [Read More]

What You Can Do If Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets From You

Divorce is a hard process to go through, with the act of asset division often being the most complicated. In some cases, one spouse may attempt to hide assets from the other to prevent the division. If you suspect your spouse may be hiding assets from you, here are some things you should know: Look at All Bank Statements The bank statement is a great place to start your evaluation. There are several red flags you can uncover. [Read More]